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Génération Maastricht aims to change the lives of young people living in Europe: to do this, we act at the local level by offering personalized tutoring programs. We act at the national level, by proposing public policy recommendations, but also at the supranational level, by being an NGO participating in several United Nations bodies in Geneva.

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Génération Maastricht acts as a European laboratory for engagement: we unearth good practices with regard to young people and recommend them to governments and parliamentarians, through several actions.

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Our objective of promoting civic engagement with young people goes through three pillars: advocacy, demands for more ambitious policies (in particular on gender equality and gender-based discrimination), training - thus, the creation of a knowledge base making it possible to support and create initiatives, and finally empowerment by the creation of initiatives or relevant analyzes on the world around us.

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June 5, 2021

Being a woman in politics: obstacles and levers for action

With the participation of Edith Cresson, Elisabeth Moreno and Gabrielle Siry.


The place of young people at the end of the crisis according to the Government, with Gabriel Attal


My goal is simple: to put all the chances on your side in order to make your commitment a reality.

Pierre-Jean Clausse, president and founder of Génération Maastricht



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