Génération Maastricht is composed of young people that believe they can and will make a change in how the European Union works.

With European citizens from diverse background, all sharing the common constatation that Europe needs change in its operational mode, we they are convinced that a true European democratic system is created, enabled and perpetuated through an civic involvement. As a movement of young citizens, involved for years or newbies, we are the Génération Maastricht: on this page, you can meet people that willingly help shape the future of Europe.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of Génération Maastricht. Led by the president, it brings life and activity to Génération Maastricht.

Pierre-Jean Clausse

President and Founder

From a mixed geopolitical and legal background, Pierre-Jean is specialised in sustainability and European affairs through his BA Liberal Arts studies at King’s College London. He founded Génération Maastricht in 2019 and his consulting firm in 2021.

Lauren Power

Chair – Global Policy Center

Lauren is an award-winning researcher, youth leader, and migrant advocate. She is an Adjunct Professor at Temple University, a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Tokyo. Her work focuses on expatriate identity, social cohesion and structuralism.

Petra Pakozdi

Assistant General Secretary

A European Affairs Analyst since January 2021 at Génération Maastricht, Petra pursues a BSc PPE at King’s College London. She is one of the 30 Young Thinkers of 2021 gathered by the Centre for European Policy Studies Ideas Lab, a EU platform of exchange.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the advisory body of Génération Maastricht. Its members give meaningful input and help the nonprofit make an impact.

Nathalie de Gaulle

Co-founder – European & International ventures

Damilola Hamid Balogun

CEO of the Youth Sustainability Development Network

Emeline Foster

Former Executive Director at the French American Foundation

General Committee

The General Committee (GC) meets twice a year and is responsible for formulating GM resolutions policies. It is the main decision-making body between the yearly European Congresses. The Committee is composed of one representative of each national section of Génération Maastricht, and 11 members selected directly by the Executive Board.

This allows Génération Maastricht to combine national representatives with directly elected European representatives united in one assembly. All General Committee members interact with the Executive Board (EB) in a parliament-like style. Each of the 11 selected members are also responsible for an assigned organisational activity, as chair of one of the Advocacy and Lobbying Commissions (ALCs) or Task Forces respectively.

Programme Directors are appointed for the Civic Training, Feminist Diplomacy and Youth Participation Working Groups.

Commission Presidents are appointed for the four ALCs, alongside with coordinators for thematic and regular missions within commissions.

European Secretariat

The European Council is the public administration side of Génération Maastricht. The General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary are in charge of the daily organisation of the European Secretariat. They coordinate the different sections throughout Europe and the coordination of their activities.

Global Policy Board

The Global Policy Board is the administrative side of Génération Maastricht’s research power. The Chairperson and their team are in charge of the daily organisation of the research capacities, coordinating article publication and policy proposals. They coordinate the different departments throughout the world and the coordination of activities.

Safeguarding Board

The Safeguarding and Arbitration Board settles statutory conflicts between members, Génération Maastricht sections and statutory bodies of Génération Maastricht. Its five members elected by the GC take their decisions by simple majority. The entire Safeguarding and Arbitration Board can be reached on: !

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