Vision and Organisational Milestones

Bringing young people into the public debate and the institutions of the European Union

Our approach

Génération Maastricht is an association under the French law of 1901, created in 2019, composed of a network of more than 750 sympathisers and a national office whose mission is to organise and coordinate the network.

To this end, our teams, made up of a hundred volunteers, all of whom are assigned to various tasks, organise conference, debates, simulations of the European Parliament, visits to institutions or agoras; the aim of these events is to enable young people to express themselves, to familiarise themselves with the mechanisms for producing laws and public policies, in order to bring about the changes they wish to see in order to create the Europe of tomorrow.

We want to encourage, through the participation of young people in consultations and debates, the knowledge of the functioning of the European political institutions in order to better act within and outside of them.

Génération Maastricht in some figures

– A European Board with 18 members acting as international specialists in their domain of expertise, alongside with a growing team of national and regional coordinators, accompanied by project officers and volunteers in more than 10 thematic departments;

– More than 30 events planned for the second half of 2020-2021, including parliamentary simulations and a National Meeting

– Visits to institutions with parliamentarians to accompany young people outside the association, providing expertise

– Around 100 volunteers running the think tank, within the European board, within the section councils and research centres

– More than 750 regular participants

June 2019

Génération Maastricht was founded, at the time under the name of “Institut” J. Kennedy”

Pierre-Jean Clausse founded what was then called the Kennedy Institute during his high school years. The aim of this organisation was to promote engagement between French and American youth.

Aug. 2020

Change of identity and new name: Generation Maastricht, for a new pro-European identity

Jan. 2021

Launch of our Virtual Research Centres, led under the name of Global Policy Centres

The launch of our thematic research centres brings together young students and researchers from around the world to see what is happening in the world around us and, where appropriate, to propose improved public policies that take into account the multi-factorial challenges of our time.

In 2021, our nonprofit unites more than 750 members across Europe.

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