Génération Maastricht is a European Climate Pact Ambassador

Génération Maastricht is honoured to be named a European Climate Pact Ambassador under the European Climate Pact.
This appointment by the European Commission comes as a recognition of Génération Maastricht’s work in the fight against climate change through its actions in the area of youth participation.
What is a European Climate Pact Ambassador?

European Climate Pact Ambassadors designate individuals or entities that aim to make a change in the domain of climate action, by supporting and developing initiatives that help mitigate climate change while also educating individuals on sustainable practices. 

European Climate Pact France

The Climate Pact initiative launched by the European Commission in December 2020 as part of the Green Deal and aimed at involving civil society in the active promotion of climate-friendly behaviour and policies. The group has been set to coordinate and propose common actions to maximise energies and help fighting more against climate change. 

According to the European Commission, the role of an ambassador is to :

  • Reach out to people and/or organisations who are not yet involved in climate action
  • Inform, inspire and support climate action within their communities and networks
  • Lead by example in climate action and in environmental protection
  • Become a bridge between civil society, interested stakeholders and the European Commission