To join a chapter or get more information before joining, you can see or contact each chapter directly. Just below.

We are committed because we have to be.

Our goal is to create a space open to all, allowing young people to be creating and advocating for policy reforms that make sure that all, opinions are taken into account.

To get involved in your local section, no need to speak French – even though you could master the pronunciation of our organisation’s name in a very fancy way! Our sections adapt to the countries they are located in – you will not miss out on anything important.

Candidate sections and prospective sections

Although we have members all around Europe, we do not hold an established national presence in all European countries – yet! However, we are working on it very much.

We do have several Candidate Sections, that are there to help create a network. We are looking for results from the organisations after conducting successful activities.

If the section remains active for 2 years and carries out Génération Maastricht’s actions, they will be accepted as fully participating member sections at the closest Congress.

About us

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