Génération Maastricht, as a think and do tank, builds and disseminates policy made by its members through member states and elected representatives. Our ALCs, Advocacy and Lobbying Commissions, formulate key policy proposals to navigate through the political labyrinth that are European Institutions.

Advocacy and Lobbying Commission 1 - Institution and Governance of the EU

Its main goal is to work on questions pertaining to economic and institutional governance through EU institutional architecture and possible reform proposals.

Advocacy and Lobbying Commission 2 - Internal Affairs of the European Union

Through grassroots-based policy positions and resolutions, media products or position papers we foster engagement in the form of seminars and regular group meetings.

Advocacy and Lobbying Commission 3 - External Relations of the European Union

It concerns analysing the institutional setup of the European Union and, secondly, the developments in European foreign, defence or security policies.

Advocacy and Lobbying Commission 4 - Extra-institutional engagement

The extra-institutional engagement ALC is targeted to identify best practices to maximise youth engagement in institutions.

Global Policy Centre

The Global Policy Centre of Génération Maastricht is a special project with a double objective: allow young people to progress within academia and make them become seasoned policymakers all over Europe.

Génération Maastricht Legal Aid

Génération Maastricht provides pro bono legal services through a virtual clinic that will eventually open up physically in London, as planned in our GM2025 plan. As always, we pair up students & professionals.

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