You can learn the skills that will allow you get more engaged in your community by training with us.

The diverse range of possibilities of this programme is due to the excellent service, the clarity of the training and the strong network opportunities offered. It is definitely refreshing to know that the next generation, my generation, is active.

Yvan Evina

Citoyen 2030 Project Manager – Western Europe

A force of proposals for the European governing bodies and an extended pool of young talents

Europe 2030 brings up good ideas in the form of possible legislative implementations

Citizens from all walks of life

The Europe2030 labelled trainings aim at raising awareness of the European institutions, at the opportunities provided by the European Union as well as well as engaging in activities and trainings aimed at young people (secondary school students and young people up to 18 years old initially).

The true actors of democracy

Apart from the generic projects to raise public awareness on the European topic (simulation of the European Parliament, mock trials, trainings in partnership with local nonprofit actors), we are planning diversified projects involving the public through an experimentation of citizens’ projects to debate and imagine Europe from 2030 onwards

The solution?

Europe 2030

Our objective is also to act as a force of dissemination of the European model, sharing improvements related to its competences – possibly through the creation of workshops, citizen talks at regular times and agoras – in order to bring up ideas of collaborative way.

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In Furtherance of the Engagement Toolbox

In furtherance of our trainings, you can consult our podcasts – the Citoyen 2030 format makes it possible to interview and cross-reference the points of view of a wide range of people. Mainly decision-makers – politicians, representatives or personalities from civil society, associations at European and non-European level – conjointly with young actors of change (young people involved in associative or charitable actions, in the field of voluntary work).

In addition to this, our teams build the Citizenship White Paper: a project that aims to reconcile the views of current decision-makers, personalities from all walks of life, on issues related to youth and its problems for a more sustainable world.

Think Big. Explore Broadly. Collaborate Constantly.

To register, nothing could be simpler! We collect your contact details (emails and phone) to send you invitations to our biannual onboarding sessions. We particularly want to allow under-represented people to enter the European institutions.

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Join the next generation of civil servants, political candidates, and so much more.

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